Saturday, September 25, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

On Labor Day Weekend, Mrs. Susanne and Braxton came out to visit. We had a blast. On Saturday morning, we headed out to White Sands. We took turns sledding down the dunes and pulling Braxton behind the truck on the sled. He had more fun sledding behind the truck than he did sledding down the dunes! Ha After heading to White Sands, we showed them my school and classroom. Braxton wanted to stay and help teach the class with me. On Sunday, we headed up to Cloudcroft. We hiked a little on the Rim trail and then headed back into town for a good Southern Barbecue lunch. Later that afternoon, we took them to Bluff Springs where Braxton and I got in the creek with Teal. We enjoyed spending time with them and showing them around our town. We cooked out Sunday night and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. We were sad to see them leave on Monday.
What a munchkin!

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