Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Rodeo

Taylor and I got the opportunity to go to the Brooks and Dunn concert in Las Cruces, which was their last tour. It was AMAZING. That sums it all up. Before Brooks and Dunn played, Jason Aldean (who is my all time favorite country singer) played. He was amazing too. It is crazy but they all sounded better live than on cd. A lot of times I don't like going to concerts because the artist don't sound as good in person as they do on the radio or cd, BUT not in this case. We didn't want it to end. We ended up making an afternoon out of it. Mike Simms, a friend of Taylor's from work, met us in Alamogordo and went with us. When we got to Las Cruces we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat an early dinner before the concert. The boys wanted to go play pool since we had a couple hours before the concert so we went and played pool. Taylor realized once he got there that he didn't have the tickets. They had been in his back pocket the whole time and now they weren't there. We all freaked out. Taylor decided to go back to Buffalo wild wings and he found them in the PARKING LOT! Talk about grace wow! We got to the concert like an hour before it started and the line was all the way down the interstate....crazy! The concert was sold out! We had awesome seats (thanks Simms) and just had a wonderful time together. For once I knew most of their songs! We really didn't want it to end. It was an awesome end to a wonderful weekend.

What a Weekend!!

T, Teal, and I had a wonderful weekend spending time with friends. On Friday afternoon, Teal and I loaded everything up and headed down to meet T in Orogrande (the little town he works in). Of course I was late so when I got there 10 guys were waiting to get going. I felt bad but thankfully they hadn't been there long! We all loaded up in like 4 different polaris' and 2 for-wheeler and headed up the mountain to go look at the mine caves. The scenery was UNBELIEVABLE. We rode for awhile to all these different places. Teal had a blast too. There was another dog, Shadow, there so she was able to associate with another dog. She rode right in between T and I in the polaris. Her tongue was sticking out the whole time and her nose never stopped working. She was like in heaven and we loved watching her explore for the first time. We had a blast just hanging out with friends and riding around.

On Saturday, Taylor and I cleaned the house to get ready for the Webers to arrive in Alamogordo. We were super pumped that they were going to stop through on their way to San Diego and spend an afternoon and night with us. Bosco and Teal got to meet each other and play. They arrived around 4 on Saturday and we headed to the pistachio and wine tasting place. We drove them around town and showed them around. They couldn't believe the gravel yards and funky trees. When we got back home we grilled out steaks and hung out on our 6 by 4 foot patio. The dogs played, played, and played. They slept so well during the night. Sunday we got up around 7:00 because the Weber's still had 13 hours worth of driving and we cook breakfast while they packed up and got ready.  It was really sad to see them leave but it was an awesome glimpse of home. Thanks soooo much you guys for stopping and staying with us! It meant sooo much:) We love yall Webers!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Date Night

Since we have gotten our baby (Teal), Taylor and I haven't had much time to ourselves. Having this puppy is seriously like having a child. It is definitely preparing us for parenthood. We NEVER thought we could love a dog this much though. She has been the best decision we have made (except getting married...of course) yet. At first, I wondered if it was too early to get her, but I don't think it is ever too early. She is one spoiled pup that's for sure. Her favorite thing to do is to get in bed with us and then once she falls asleep one of us puts her in her crate before we turn out the lights. In the morning, she eats her breakfast and then goes and sits at the end of the bed! She loves to wake Taylor up! She also will go and sit outside in the morning and listen to the birds. Haha  Back to my point... So Friday, I was dying for a date, just the two of us too! We went to Pizza Patio and had the best dinner. Not only was the food good but our time together was awesome. We mention how we miss home and our friends a lot; but being out here has been awesome for us and our marriage. I wouldn't regret being out here for anything. Please come visit:)


Lesley and Mitch found out Friday they are having a BOY! So we will have a nephew to spoil! I think Taylor and I were just as excited as them to find out. We wish we were closer so we could be there to see Mitch and Lesley and to see him when he is born. On Saturday, Taylor, Teal, and I went to Las Cruces to shop. I am in LOVE with Target and Las Cruces has the best one yet! Since we know what the sex of the baby is now I can start shopping for him! We went and got him two little onsies! There wasn't that cute of stuff, which I was shocked, but we def. didn't walk out empty handed. They are naming him Rowland Edward Thorn and he is due October 3rd. What is so crazy is we are actually heading back home to go to a wedding (David and Nicole's) that weekend so we are hoping we can just hit two birds with one stone and get to see him. We are praying for him that he will be a healthy baby.

1st trip out

So our first trip out, besides riding in the car and going to the vet, was to HOME DEPOT! She was a hit. We went last week and then Taylor went with us on Sunday. She rode in the the buggy the whole time. I figured I wont be able to do it much longer so why not do it now. She loved it:)