Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Date Night

Since we have gotten our baby (Teal), Taylor and I haven't had much time to ourselves. Having this puppy is seriously like having a child. It is definitely preparing us for parenthood. We NEVER thought we could love a dog this much though. She has been the best decision we have made (except getting married...of course) yet. At first, I wondered if it was too early to get her, but I don't think it is ever too early. She is one spoiled pup that's for sure. Her favorite thing to do is to get in bed with us and then once she falls asleep one of us puts her in her crate before we turn out the lights. In the morning, she eats her breakfast and then goes and sits at the end of the bed! She loves to wake Taylor up! She also will go and sit outside in the morning and listen to the birds. Haha  Back to my point... So Friday, I was dying for a date, just the two of us too! We went to Pizza Patio and had the best dinner. Not only was the food good but our time together was awesome. We mention how we miss home and our friends a lot; but being out here has been awesome for us and our marriage. I wouldn't regret being out here for anything. Please come visit:)

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