Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Rodeo

Taylor and I got the opportunity to go to the Brooks and Dunn concert in Las Cruces, which was their last tour. It was AMAZING. That sums it all up. Before Brooks and Dunn played, Jason Aldean (who is my all time favorite country singer) played. He was amazing too. It is crazy but they all sounded better live than on cd. A lot of times I don't like going to concerts because the artist don't sound as good in person as they do on the radio or cd, BUT not in this case. We didn't want it to end. We ended up making an afternoon out of it. Mike Simms, a friend of Taylor's from work, met us in Alamogordo and went with us. When we got to Las Cruces we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat an early dinner before the concert. The boys wanted to go play pool since we had a couple hours before the concert so we went and played pool. Taylor realized once he got there that he didn't have the tickets. They had been in his back pocket the whole time and now they weren't there. We all freaked out. Taylor decided to go back to Buffalo wild wings and he found them in the PARKING LOT! Talk about grace wow! We got to the concert like an hour before it started and the line was all the way down the interstate....crazy! The concert was sold out! We had awesome seats (thanks Simms) and just had a wonderful time together. For once I knew most of their songs! We really didn't want it to end. It was an awesome end to a wonderful weekend.

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