Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Bday America

For the 4th of July Taylor and I fly to Pensacola to be with his family for the long weekend. It was a trip just to get there due to Hurricane Alex, but once we were there we were so happy. We hadn't seen Taylor's  family since we have been married and moved off so it was a very emotional homecoming. Every year his whole family (Grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) goes down for the whole week of the 4th. As some of you know, Taylor's granddad died a year ago on the 2nd so we weren't able to do the "whole week beach thing" last year. This year was tough but it was such a refresher for everybody. We laid by the pool all day Saturday, once we got there, and most of the day Sunday. On the 4th, we always get together with other family and have a huge late lunch/early dinner meal. After our meal we all went and played putt putt and rode go-karts. Monday and Tuesday it rained but didn't stop us. Taylor and I were so glad to see everybody. It was like we haven't skipped a beat with all of his family. We walked on the beach, which we hadn't done in forever, ate good food, watched movies, and much much more! It was soo good to be with family and be MARRIED. It was really hard coming back this time though. It was not easy for both of us. We are so happy leaving out here and it has been awesome for our marriage but having times like this makes it hard to see that clearly. We know we will be back but it just makes it tough. We have settled back into reality though and look forward to what is to come!

The "kids"

Happy 4th!
Taylor's Family

                                                                  Me and Braxton!

home sweet alabama

 I took my first trip back home last week and loved every minute of it. It was such a wonderful refresher. I spent a whole week hanging out, eating, shopping, celebrating, and just being at home. We celebrated Michelle's bday and engagement, Mom's bday, and Jordan's wedding festivities!! It was a nonstop week. Mom and I went up to Cullman for a day and 1/2 to spend time with my Ninnie. We ate with my mom side of the family and celebrated Mom's bday. I was able to get all the places I had to been craving out in New Mexico out of my system too. I enjoyed eating Jim N Nicks, Tazikis, California Pizza Kitchen, Surin West, Panera Break, and many more! For the first time I was able to be apart of Jordan's wedding festivities. It has been hard living way out here and having one of your best friend getting married because I feel like I can't contribute to anything. I was able to go to her dress fitting and be apart of her lingerie shower. It was so great to catch up and see people that mean soo much to me. Although I didn't want the week to end, I was ready to head back and see my hubby and puppy. When I got home Taylor had grilled salmon, esparagus, and grilled onions for our dinner and also had gotten me flowers. It was delicious. I have the BEST husband in the world.

Mom and Dad come to visit!

Well I am almost a month behind on my blogging so I guess it is time I get back on it. We have been so busy these past three weeks that they have flown by. My parents made their first trip out together (mom has already come out once) on the 17th of June. Taylor was already off on Friday of that weekend so we were both able to hang out with them for a three day weekend. It was NONSTOP. If you know my dad you know that the Brocks don't mess around. We were on the go the whole weekend. We rode mtn bikes in Cloudcroft, hiked, grilled out, went out to eat, played with pup, took books to my school, shopped in Ruidoso, explored, and went to White Sands. The four of us had the BEST time together. When my parents flew in on Thursday afternoon they were able to meet Teal for the first time. They loved her and she loved them. She especially loved hanging around Mom (a.k.a. Nanna). She would follow her wherever she went.

On our way to Alamogordo we stopped in Orogrande to show Mom and Dad Taylor's job site. Later that night we grilled out steaks and enjoyed a nice evening on our 4x6 foot concrete patio. On Friday, we all went up to Cloudcroft to go hiking and mtn biking. Since Dad is having surgery on his shoulder, he let Taylor borrow is mtn bike for a while. Taylor was so excited. Our first trail we tried was quite an expert's trail. It was tough to say the least..haha but Taylor stuck with it and LOVED it.

We hung around up there till about dinner time and came back to Alamo. We took Mom and Dad to our favorite spot, Pizza Patio, and enjoyed some great Pizza.

On Saturday we decided to ride around town on our bikes and show dad the town. We came back and grabbed mom and Teal and headed up to Ruidoso. We ate at a really good place for lunch and shopped around. Saturday night we were exhausted so instead of cooking we ended up going to our other local favorite Chili's! haha Sunday (Father's Day) we had a lot to do so we woke up early and enjoyed a cup of Joe on our little patio. We started our busy day by going to White Sands. Mom and Dad couldn't believe how beautiful the park was!

We then came back and loaded up all by boxes to take to the school. Mom and Dad loved my school. They couldn't get over that I could see the mountains out my windows. Dad wanted us to go mtn biking again so we headed up to Cloudcroft for the second time. Taylor and I hit the trail while Mom and Dad hung out with Teal. The trip didn't last long cause I def. went over my handlebars and crashed. We headed back to Alamo and Taylor cooked some amazing ribs for Father's Day.

We just really enjoyed hanging out with my parents and showing them around the town we now live in. It was neat for them to see our house, job site, and school. Teal loved them and cant wait for them to come back for Thanksgiving!