Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Bday America

For the 4th of July Taylor and I fly to Pensacola to be with his family for the long weekend. It was a trip just to get there due to Hurricane Alex, but once we were there we were so happy. We hadn't seen Taylor's  family since we have been married and moved off so it was a very emotional homecoming. Every year his whole family (Grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) goes down for the whole week of the 4th. As some of you know, Taylor's granddad died a year ago on the 2nd so we weren't able to do the "whole week beach thing" last year. This year was tough but it was such a refresher for everybody. We laid by the pool all day Saturday, once we got there, and most of the day Sunday. On the 4th, we always get together with other family and have a huge late lunch/early dinner meal. After our meal we all went and played putt putt and rode go-karts. Monday and Tuesday it rained but didn't stop us. Taylor and I were so glad to see everybody. It was like we haven't skipped a beat with all of his family. We walked on the beach, which we hadn't done in forever, ate good food, watched movies, and much much more! It was soo good to be with family and be MARRIED. It was really hard coming back this time though. It was not easy for both of us. We are so happy leaving out here and it has been awesome for our marriage but having times like this makes it hard to see that clearly. We know we will be back but it just makes it tough. We have settled back into reality though and look forward to what is to come!

The "kids"

Happy 4th!
Taylor's Family

                                                                  Me and Braxton!

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