Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well three months later... and I am just now getting around to updating everyone on what has been going on in our lives over here in the lovely state of New Mexico. A lot has happened. I mean A LOT. From July till now I have started teaching, Jordan and Jake are married, Mrs. Susanne and Braxton have visited, T and I have become an aunt and uncle, we have purchased a fourwheeler, Taylor has turned 25, and our pup is now 7 months old.
      After returning back from the beach Fourth of July weekend, I started working hard on my classroom. Mom came in July and helped me for a few days. We worked for 3 days straight organizing papers, hanging posters, arranging desks, etc. We were pooped by the end of it all.
A week later I headed back South for Jordan's bachelorette weekend. It was such a great weekend. Nothing can beat a weekend with the girls. We layed out in the 104 degree, caught up on life, ate out, and celebrated Jordan all weekend. We were determined to get some good tans for the wedding. We went to dinner both nights. Red Bar was our first night out and Baytowne was our last night out!
I was able to see my Grandparents as well that weekend. It was so great to see them considering I hadn't seen them since February.

Eating in Baytowne!
All of us except Jenty!
The Bachelorette!!

Two weeks after Jordan's Bachelorette, I headed back to Alabama for Jordan and Jake's wedding. I don't think I have ever done so much flying in one month! It was such a fun time with great friends. The wedding festivies began Friday mid morning with the Bridesmaid luncheon, getting our nails done, rehearsal at the Sonnet House, and rehearsal dinner as well. It was such a fun time to celebrate Jordan and Jake. Saturday we all met at the Sonnet House around 2:30 to get ready and take pictures. It ended up raining that afternoon but cleared up JUST in time for the ceremony. Everything went well without a hitch. Well, except for all the girls getting on the bed in the bride's room and breaking the bed! whoops!

On August 16, 2010, I met all 24 of my 3rd graders for the first time.I was a nervous wreck. It is a weird feeling when you close that door after the bell as rang and it is just you and 24 children looking back at you. The first day went very well. In fact, the first week went surprisenly well. Don't get my wrong, there has definitely been days that I have been tested, but that is just part of it. I have defiantly shed tears, but the smiles have outshown the tears. It is such a blessing and joy to teach these 24 children. I wish all of you could meet them. We have a lot to learn and to look forward too this year.
Pictures to come of classroom...

~Taylor and I celebrated our 6 months on August 20, 2010~

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