Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Lesley and Mitch found out Friday they are having a BOY! So we will have a nephew to spoil! I think Taylor and I were just as excited as them to find out. We wish we were closer so we could be there to see Mitch and Lesley and to see him when he is born. On Saturday, Taylor, Teal, and I went to Las Cruces to shop. I am in LOVE with Target and Las Cruces has the best one yet! Since we know what the sex of the baby is now I can start shopping for him! We went and got him two little onsies! There wasn't that cute of stuff, which I was shocked, but we def. didn't walk out empty handed. They are naming him Rowland Edward Thorn and he is due October 3rd. What is so crazy is we are actually heading back home to go to a wedding (David and Nicole's) that weekend so we are hoping we can just hit two birds with one stone and get to see him. We are praying for him that he will be a healthy baby.

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