Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's almost been a YEAR!

Wow! So it has almost been a year since I have posted on our blog. With my first year of teaching last year I was just too busy to blog so I apologize for not keeping yall informed. I am going to try to stay on top of it this next year! The Lord has continued to bless Taylor and I this past year. I had a great 1st year of teaching in Alamogordo. I loved my job and my kiddos. What a blessing they were and continue to be in my life. We had a wonderful 1st Thanksgiving with my parents and a great 1st Christmas with Taylor's family. We were there to experience the birth of sweet Charlotte Anne (we weren't there for the actual birth, but was able to see her a few days later) in December. We we able to see our nephew, Row, for the first time over Christmas. We had some friends come out and go skiing with us for New Years which was an adventure in itself. We experienced a snow/ ice storm for the first time. We celebrated our 1st anniversary in the mountains, as well as, Teal's 1st birthday in February. Taylor killed his 1st turkey last spring and we were able to explored Colorado with the Roberts in May. Looking back we couldn't have had a better year and 1/2 in Alamogordo, NM. The time spent there was precious. There are defiantly days we miss it. Here are some pictures that highlight the past year...

My Sweet Class on the 1st Week of School

Celebrating my 24th Birthday

My Parents came out to visit over Thanksgiving

Our 1st Christmas Card

Cutting down our 1st Christmas tree in Cloudcroft, NM

My Sweet Dad! 

Sweet Charlotte Anne Roberts

Home for the Holidays

Our nephew Row

Taylor's Family over Christmas

New Years in Ruidoso, NM

The girls! 

The Whole Group Skiing
Snow Storm in Alamogordo, February 1st 

Our 1st Anniversary 

Spent the weekend in Ruidoso, NM

My Kids on St. Patrick's Day

Our Field Trip to the IMAX theater

One of many turkey trips in the mtns with the Roberts

T's first Turkey! 

DR and T

Memorial Day Weekend in Colorado with the Roberts

Sweet Friends! 

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