Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our 2nd Move!

      In March, we found out we would be moving to Tulsa, OK in June for Taylor's work. It was very bittersweet. After school ended in May, we drove to Tulsa to look for a house to rent. We found a house which was our first blessing. Our moving date was June 16th. My mom came out the first of that week and helped us pack and move! The Roberts drove up to Alamogordo to help us pack the Uhaul. That was our 2nd blessing! Once we got to Tulsa my dad was there and had some movers to help unload the Uhaul. That was our 3rd blessing! My parents spent the weekend (Father's Day) with us helping unpack a ton of boxes. We had a blast showing them around Tulsa. On Monday they drove back to Bham. The next day Teal and I drove back for two weeks while Taylor traveled to El Paso for 2 weeks.

The Roberts helped us pack up! 

                                                    Standing in our empty home :(
About to pull out of the driveway for the last time! 

We had a Uhaul with a trailer on the back, a truck with a trailer on the back, and my SUV! 

Our new home! 

Happy Father's Day! 

 I loved the time spent at home. My family and I went down to Panama City the first weekend I was home and we took Teal on the boat for the first time. She LOVED the beach. It was then that she became a water dog! While in Birmingham I was able to be there to celebrate Mom and Dad's birthdays. I also was able to see a lot of my friends and spend time just relaxing. I didn't have to worry about unpacking ONE box! HA
Teal's first trip on the boat! 

Celebrating Dad's Bday! 

Celebrating Mom's Bday! 

  Although we are loving Tulsa, Alamogordo will ALWAYS hold a special place in both of our hearts! It was where we began our life together and we will never forget that place!

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