Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hikes, camp fires, and s'mores

 This Memorial Day weekend was one of a kind. T and I had been thinking about all the different things we could do since we had a four day weekend together (T was off Friday too!). Flying to the beach, driving to the Grand Canyon, or staying in a cabin were all ideas that ran through our heads. The beach was going to cost us around 1600 dollars so we said no thanks to that! We decided we were a little behind the ball on planning for the Grand Canyon and everybody else had the cabin idea so everything was booked. So we just decided to chill around Alamogordo. On Friday, we really just enjoyed spending time together. We went out to lunch, took Teal to the vet, got all my teacher editions from the school, went to the park with Teal, played tennis, took a 4 hour nap, and watched a movie. It was a well needed day together. On Saturday we decided we would go hiking up in Cloudcroft.  That was the best idea we had. We took Teal with us, of course, and she LOVED it. She did really well too. It was about 20 degrees cooler then what it was in Alamogordo so it was amazing all around. We drove around and noticed that there were come campsites that were still vacant so we decided we would camp out Sunday night. When we got home Saturday we got all of the camping stuff my parents had let us borrow and saw that we had everything we needed.

Sunday morning we loaded everything up and headed for Cloudcroft. We had a BLAST! We set up camp, ate lunch, went hiking, rode bikes, grilled out, hung out by the fire, and ate s'mores. We got up Monday morning and cooked a yummy breakfast. Then we packed everything up and went for our last hike. We had to carry Teal some of the way cause she was pooped. The best part about the whole weekend though was finding this BBQ restaurant in Cloudcroft that was owned by a family from ALABAMA! Crazy uhh? It was the best thing we had put in our mouths since we have moved here. It was like walking into a place at home. You could feel the "southerness" when you walked in. AMAZING. We will defiantly be back!

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  1. The only time I ever went camping was to get the somemores; that's it, no other reason. I decided the somemores weren't even worth it! This was in the boys' scouting days. I let Danny take care of camping from then on. Also, I'd never let them take my Fudgie (May 30 was three years since he's been gone). I miss my doggie boy. Riley's coming along; he's no Fudgie yet, but he's getting there. We're babysitting Lilah for two weeks while Brock and Jill are in Australia. She a typical girl; whipping Riley all over the place, taking his toys away from him. Luckily, he's pretty laid back, like "whatever"!