Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the Middle of Nowhere!

The five of us ( don't forget about Baby Roberts!)                         Our Campsite                                                                      

Last weekend we went camping with the Roberts in Cloudcroft! We had the best time. We defiantly wanted to get out of Alamogordo and El Paso (where Chelsea and David are living) because the projected weather was 108 degrees! So we loaded up early Saturday morning and headed up there. David took us to a spot him and his brothers had hunted at, which was in the middle of nowhere! We had to 4wheel drive it to get to our spot. We set up camp, ate lunch, and went for a hike with all the dogs when we got there. Teal loved it because they brought their two labs and she had a blast annoying the stew out of them. The rest of the afternoon, we just hung out around the camp fire. On Sunday, we cooked an awesome breakfast and packed up camp. The Robert's showed us the waterfall up in Cloudcroft and the dogs were able to swim some. Teal wasn't too sure about the water, which kinda disappointed us at first; but she is a little young so she will warm up to it! We were exhausted when we got home. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Chelsea and David and their pups. Can't wait to do it again!
                         One Wet Puppy!

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  1. Sarah Jane! I'm so excited that you are the mama of a precious little black puppy AND a 3rd grade teacher! ! ! You are going to be the best! I am so excited to follow you - sort of - on your blog! Please post pictures often. We are sweltering here in Bama and I guess you are too. I'm so proud of you and look forward to hopefully seeing you at J's wedding in August!
    Love, Melinda C.