Tuesday, June 15, 2010

19lbs going on 65lbs!

                      Our Family

Here are some awesome pictures David Roberts took of Teal when we went camping the other weekend. I cannot believe we have had her for over 2 months. She now weighs 19 lbs and her paws are still HUGE! She has a lot of growing to do. She really has become her own little self. We took her to our favorite spot "Pizza Patio" the other day. She was able to sit on the patio with us and she did an awesome job. She is (for right now--lets don't jinks it) a very well-tempered dog around other people. She has started fetching more, which Taylor is thrilled. We are looking forward to see what else we have in store for us. The things we are working on now is "laying down" and "Knee." We cannot say "Heal" because it so close to her name so we have decided to use "Knee."

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