Friday, April 30, 2010

Our baby is growing!!

Teal will be 9 weeks old tomorrow. I can't believe we have had her for 2 weeks now. She is so funny and just a bundle of joy to have. She is growing more and more each day. She is doing somewhat better not pottying in her crate, but still has accidents. I don't think I have ever washed that many towels in a week. Our washer has been going non-stop (which could be a bad thing when we get our water bill) ha. She is doing GREAT in the house though. We leave our back door open a lot so she just knows to go outside now. Even when the door is shut she goes and sits by it to let us know she needs out. Her biting has gotten so much better as well. She rarely will bite (which is a puppy thing) and if she does we say "NO BITE!"  Next week, I am taking to go get her 9 weeks shot so maybe we can get out a little more. We have been kinda stranded at the house because we don't wont her to get parvo. Taylor and I want her to be to expose to has much as she can be. We are ready to show her off and take her places. Her new thing is to fall asleep in bed with us while we watch our shows and then we put her in her crate and she doesn't get back in bed with us until I get up and feed her in the morning and then she goes and wakes up T! She is still getting up during the night and we take her out to potty and put her right back in her kennel. She wines for about 10 minutes and then she goes to sleep. It is like having a baby that's for sure... exhausting but well worth it!

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