Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well this week has been a whirlwind. I can't believe it is already Wednesday. Having Teal here always keeps me on my toes. She is like a baby... all she does is sleep, eat, poop, chew, and play. She has done really well with pottying (sp?) outside and not much in the house. I think it is because I am always right on top of her so if she dares to squat I will grab her! She is sleeping much better at night. She is still getting up 2 times a night but she goes right outside and potties. Yesterday I came home and she hadn't gone to the bathroom in her kennel. I was soooo excited. We played for a long time until she feel asleep in my lap. I laid her on our bed hoping she would stay asleep so I could fold the huge pile of laundry on our bed and clean the house as well. She was out till Taylor came home. I found myself tip toeing around so I wouldn't wake her! Haha  Last night I didn't have the energy to cook dinner so Taylor and I splurged and got Chinese takeout ( which was horrible!). We have laughed at ourselves because we are very paranoid parents! We have to remind ourselves she is a D-O-G (we just don't like to tell her that)! haha Last night we took her out to go potty and two girls from across the street came over and wanted to see Teal. Taylor and I have been really paranoid about Parvo ( a disease that will kill puppies if they have not gotten all their shots) so we nonchalantly asked if they had any dogs and they didn't so we were like whooo. The little girl wanted to take her home..haha! All she wanted to do was hold her too. We finally told them we had to go feed her and the little girl wanted to come feed her. She really didn't want to leave. We told them that we would be out this weekend so if they wanted to come over they could. So we will probably have a visiter every afternoon from now on and this weekend. Haha She is a little butterball and I love her to death!! She is so neat to just watch. Wish all of yall could meet her.

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