Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tealy is HOME!!

                                                                  Our Family!
Teal's first days at home have been great ones! We pretty much were in the car all yesterday riding back from Estancia (where we got her) and then we had to head down to T's job site to check the water tank! She got to explore the house for a while and then explored the job site! I think she is loving her new home. Last night was a test of patience. We went to bed early because we had gotten up at 6:00 to go get her and we thought she would be tired and sleep well..... that didn't really work as planned. Ha So at 9:15 she was pooped so we put her in her kennel ( her "castle") which was in our room. At 10:00 she started barking, pouting, and squealing. I took her out and she didn't have to go potty so we went back to bed. Well from 10:00 to 11:00 she barked, pouted and squealed again but this time for an HOUR! Taylor and I both looked like Owen Wilson in "Marly and Me" with our pillows folded over our ears! haha So after the hour of barking, pouting, and squealing we moved the kennel, with her in it, into the bathroom. We shut the door and turned on the ipod. She soon went back to sleep. She got up 1 more time around 1:15 and stopped barking after 10 minutes. At 6:00 we ended up just getting up with her and playing with her. We had to head back down to Oregrande to check the water on the job site this morning. Teal shared the driver seat with T and slept there and back.

 When we got home Chelsea, David, Mrs. Roberts, and Steven came by on their way home to meet Teal. She loved being loved on and cuddle with them all. It was great seeing the Roberts because it was like a little taste of home once again! Hopefully tonight will be a better night! haha

                           After her first bath!

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