Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tealy Grace Thorn

Meet Tealy (Teal) Grace Thorn! We are so excited about picking up our new little baby on Saturday (April 17th). We have been puppy proofing the house and getting our home already for her. We battled back and forth about her name and finally decided on Tealy, but we will call her Teal ( for those of you who aren't hunters "Teal" is the name of a duck like a "mallard." We are picking her up on the 49th day and will begin puppy preschool when she comes home! haha For those of you who have had labs, we are both reading "Water Dog" and "Game Dog" written by Richard Wolters to get prepared. This is still kind of a surprise that we are getting her this soon but it also fell into our laps and we couldn't be happier. Taylor and I had been researching for about a month now and we couldn't find anywhere near here that had labs. Thursday he came home with one website he had found that had one black female left! I called the breeder and she explained that there was a lady who was a teacher that was coming to look at her on Sunday. The only problem is the teacher wanted the breeder to keep the puppy till she was out of school. The breeder didn't think that was fair to the puppy so she allowed us to come look at her Saturday. Mom went with us and we just all fell in love. The teacher ended up just wanting to wait on a puppy so we were able to put a deposit down on her. Taylor is real big on getting her the 49th day so that would be this Saturday! The breeder said we could get the pick if we drove up there again to pick her up. We said, "We will see you Saturday!" We are soooooo excited. There will be many updates so get ready!

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