Tuesday, March 9, 2010

El Paso

On Sunday, Taylor and I woke up exhausted and sunburn again from White Sands (remind you last Sunday we woke up exhausted and sunburned from the skiing). We have learned that we are going to HAVE to purchase sunscreen! Ha We decided we would give Christ Community Church a try. We decided to go to the early service since we were going to El Paso to return some wedding presents that we had gotten duplicates of later that day. We weren't sure that was the place for us; so we are continuing our church home search and hoping we will find one with some young couples and some sunday school classes. We feel that by being involved in a church will help us find some new friends.
        After church, we loaded the presents up and headed south for El Paso. El Paso is just about an hour south of us. It has EVERYTHING even a TARGET and CHICK-FA-LA!! whoo hoo When we arrived in El Paso we were really craving Chick-fa-la. We had forgotten that it was Sunday and they don't serve on Sunday so we decided we would go to Texas Roadhouse. There are all these new and fun places to try in a new city and of course we chose something that we have back at home... ha! We thought it was special though because we were eating in Texas at Texas Roadhouse. We are goobers! Well I thought this would be a relaxing shopping experience but it wasn't... to say the least. We started off at Bed Bath and Beyond where we had 2 shopping carts full of gifts to return. We stayed in BBB for ohh what seemed like 3 hours but just an hour and 1/2, which is still a long time. After BBB, we headed to Michael's where we got some frames for T's office and our bedroom. Macy's was next on our list so we headed there and T and I got a garment bag to use when we head back home. Last, we went to TARGET (my all time favorite store) and it seemed like everybody and their moms were in there too. We finally got back on the road at 7:15 and hurried home because we had some pork chops marinating in the frig. So at 9:00 we were grilling out pork chops. We both have never been that exhausted from a shopping trip. My legs and feet felt numb. We were excited though to have some new things to add to our little home.

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