Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new things!

Ok so I am not the best writer in the world, but I wanted to keep yall updating on what we are doing out here in New Mexico. It still feels weird to say "New Mexico" but it is becoming more homier (sp?)! When Taylor called me back in December and told me he had a phone interview with a company in Tulsa, OK, The Ross Group, I am about jumped out of my skin. I thought well Oklahoma isn't too far away but little did I know they were going to place him in Orogande, New Mexico. We tried not to get our hopes up but we couldn't help it because this was the first company that had pursued him since his Co-Op experience. The phone interview went well and a week later on December 23rd Taylor and I were last minute Christmas shopping in the Galleria when he got another phone call from The Ross Group. This time they wanted to see when he could fly out to Tulsa for a face-to-face interview... we were really about to jump out of our skin now! So the next week he got on a plane and flew west to Tulsa. The informed him of where the job would be and what he would be doing. The next day he got an offer and excepted  a day later. When we took a look on the map of where Orogrande was we couldn't really find it... that's because it consist of a  population of 51.. yes fifty one people! So then we started looking around to see what cities would be the closest. We came up with Las Cruzas, El Paso, or Alamogordo. T would have to commute either way so we started investigation these cities and we thought we would look at Alamogordo first. 
On January 8, 2010 we started our journey to Alamogordo, NM. We drove a 17 foot Uhaul with all our furniture and my forunner on a trailer behind it. We had research several apartment complexes and rental homes but didn't know a soul and had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. We drove all day Friday and Saturday and finally got to Alamogordo on Saturday night. Sunday we woke up to find a new little town. We drove around all day looking at places.  On Monday morning, we found ourselves sitting outside of Alamogordo Realty at 8a.m... they didn't open till 8:30 ( a little eager maybe?). We had already look at some of the houses they had up for rent online and so we asked if we could go look inside the house on Santa Cruz Drive. We went a took a look and it was AWESOME even with the shag carpet in the bedrooms. It was a three bedroom house, one bathroom, a cute little kitchen, living room, one car garage, and a fenced in back yard. We thought we had hit the lottery! So we trekked back to Alamogordo Realty all excited and giggly to find out we were the 2nd on the waiting list. We were devastated. We just knew the people in front of us would get it. So then we went to the next house up which was 950 a month, which was above our budget. We went and took a look and it was nice but HUGE! Remind you we had the Uhaul till Wednesday, so we started looking at maybe living in Las Cruzas. We went to the local coffee shop where we could get internet and started researching. We still had the key to the 950 house so we took it back and they asked us how we liked it. We told them it was way over our price range and we just needed to think about it. They looked at us and said well it doesn't really matter because the family in front of yall on the Santa Cruz house wants the 950 house so yall get the Santa Cruz house! Taylor and I again about jumped out of our skin! GOD is SOO GREAT! So we came back on Tuesday to sign the lease and moved everything in. The next day Taylor went to work and left me to unload all the boxes. I flew back home on Sunday and left him to work till February 18th! What a blessing. We have learned that it is sooooo evident the Lord wants us here. We know this is HIS plan for us and we are so excited to see what else he has in store for us. We never thought we would be living here in NEW MEXICO but we couldn't be more excited! Please keep us in your prayers. 

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