Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thorn in My Side

A couple weeks before our wedding John calls me up and tells me that Bussey (Nathan), Dave, and Richard are all coming in on Thursday so they can have a bachelor party for T. I was soo excited because I knew T was a little sad about not having one when he left for NM. But the problem was it was going to be a surprise... and I am the world's worst with surprises!! So a couple weeks went by and I didn't say a word. I listen to him complain about how much he missed the guys and etc. So Thursday finally gets here and he just knew that the guys weren't getting in till the next day. Well to his surprise Bussey was flying in from Orlando, David was driving from Atlanta, and Richard was on his way from Mobile. What awesome friends! Not only were they all going out but they were going in style. John had these awesome T-Shirts made that said "Thorn in My Side" (long story) and that were neon yellow so nobody could miss them. While T's family and my family were finishing up dinner all the guys show up with a lemo. Taylor was shocked. He couldn't believe that they were all in Bham and they were going out. They quickly put his shirt on him and headed out for down town. Taylor couldn't ask for better friends. This group of guys is one of a kind. They are so awesome and they would do anything for each other. Love you guys! 

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