Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A little taste of the beach!

Ok so I have another recipe for yall to try, but this one you definitely have to give it a try. It is another one of Mrs. Susanne's and it really is good! It just sounds kinda interesting and while you are making it you kinda want to gag BUT it is soooo good and guys LOVE it! It's called Salmon Croquettes. Here is the recipe...if you try it please let me know. Oh! did I mention it is EASY! whoo hoo

Salmon Croquettes

1 can salmon (find this in the canned tuna area)
2 sleeves of saltine crackers (pureed in blender)
1 Egg
Salt and Pepper

Pour can of salmon in large bowl, including juice. Add egg and crunch with hands. Add a little salt and pepper and one sleeve of saltine crackers (pureed in blender). Mix with hands. Make into four patties. Pat patties in pureed crackers on both sides. Fry in grease until brown. Great with homemade mash potatoes and peas w/ carrots.

*The salmon does contain bones (gross) but leave them in there. They are good for you.

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